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Mining Dragline HS 8300

The mining dragline HS 8300 has been designed to meet the tough conditions in mining environments. The machine delivers power and performance with low cost per ton and high turnover rates. The interlock control system allows for power regeneration in dragline operation, reducing fuel consumption as well as wear and tear of the free-fall winch.

Digging big - the world’s biggest draglines - Mining Technology

2018/06/04 · The dragline is AC-powered and has been operational at TransAlta’s Highvale coal mine in Alberta, Canada, since 2010. The Cat 8750 has an operating radius of 117.8m, and up to 61.5m dumping height and 79.8m digging depth, offering a suspended load capacity of 344,736kg.

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Mining-class machines with booms that reach hundreds of feet into the sky, cost $100 million and up, and in some extraordinary cases weigh as much as 28 million lb are built to last—and to perform, with the larger models swinging empty buckets heavier than a Cat D11 dozer, completing a digging cycle every minute or so and moving upward of

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Also called Muskie and Ol Musky, the machine was a model 4250-W Bucryus-Erie dragline. It was the only model ever built, and took two years and some 200,000 hours to construct. When Muskie was built in 1969, it cost $25 million dollars. That’s approximately $171 million today!

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If you’re managing an open pit mining project or moving large volumes of earth, opting for a dragline excavator is essential. The Caldme range includes machines of various different sizes for different requirements. Overall, our machinery includes 4.5 to 85-tonne equipment, allowing you to tackle significantly sized projects.

Industrial History: Big Muskie (Bucyrus-Erie 4250-W) Dragline

Mar 31, 2020 · Modern Draglines Giant draglines have long since been made obsolete, but dragline excavators are still very much in use. The largest available dragline on the market today is Joy Global’s P&H 9020XPC. The bucket has a capacity of (110yd³ to 160yd³.) Unlike the hydraulic engines and motors of years past, current draglines use digital AC

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Great Bear) at Black Thunder Coal Mine, Wyoming, is the largest dragline excavator currently in use in North America and the third largest ever built. It is a Bucyrus-Erie 2570WS model and cost US$50 million. The Ursa Major was one of five large walking draglines operated at Black Thunder, with the next two largest in the dragline fleet being

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In the following paragraphs, the dragline excavator will simply be called a dragline. As previously stated, the draglines used in mining are enormous and have to be built "on site" as there are very few means of transporting a large strip mining dragline. Just their weight alone prevents them from being transported by normal means.

Operation of two Draglines at same time in jayant coal

Working of two #draglines at same time to increase production of coals in #jayant coal mines #singrauli #ncl result #coal_india_vacancy_2019

Coal mine - Giant Dragline excavator in action

Coal mine - Giant Dragline excavator in action.

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Dragline excavators are heavy equipment used in civil engineering and surface mining projects. A Variation of the same basic machine is the Front Shovel excavator also used in Civil engineering and Mining projects. 1 History 2 Front Shovel Excavators 3 UK Preserved Machines 4 Operation 5 Draglines in mining 6 Limitations 7 Examples 8 UK Built / Operated Machines 9 UK Largest Machine (and most

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Offering the highest levels of overburden removal productivity at the lowest total cost per tonne (ton), the 8750 is the flagship model of the Cat dragline product line. The first dragline of any kind to be successfully equipped with AC IGBT drive systems, we developed this superior technology for the sole purpose of making your workday more productive, predictable, and most importantly, safe.

Mr. Tom - Legendary Walking Dragline | Coal Mining History

Mr. Tom worked at Kellerman Mines until 1995 when it was parked to rust because of falling coal prices. When prices came up, he was refurbished and moved eas

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A dragline excavator is a piece of heavy equipment used in civil engineering and surface mining. Source: Big panorama of an open coal pit. Source: Excavators are indispensable pieces of equipment for general construction and earthmoving. Source:

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Bagger 288 (Excavator 288), built by the German company Krupp for the energy and mining firm Rheinbraun, is a bucket-wheel excavator or mobile strip mining machine.. When its construction was completed in 1978, Bagger 288 superseded Big Muskie as the heaviest land vehicle in the world, at 13,500 tons. It took five years to design and manufacture, and five years to assemble with total cost

1990 Press Photo Dragline excavator at Black Thunder Coal

1990 Press Photo Dragline excavator at Black Thunder Coal Mine in Wyoming This is an original press photo. Coal Mining. Black Thunder Junction, Wyoming. Federal Clean Air Act restrictions on sulfur dioxide emissions have catapulted Wyoming into the lead among coal-producing states.

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Brandt Engineered Products Ltd. is delivering one of the largest projects it has ever undertaken. They are in the process of moving a 300 ton, 330 foot long replacement main boom for a coal dragline excavator—a contract awarded to Brandt in 2014 by international mining supplier Joy Global Surface Mining—represents its fair share of difficulties.

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Tried and True AC IGBT Electric Drive System, Now on Mining Equipment's Largest Platform You will experience greater machine uptime, lower operating costs, and faster cycle times with our AC dragline designs that leverage institutional knowledge built on 30 years of experience commissioning more than 200 AC equipped machines worldwide.

P&H dragline at Pioneer Park represents early 1900s

Feb 27, 2021 · P&H’s Model 150 was a small dragline manufactured between 1937 and 1952. It weighs about 15 tons, has a 30-foot boom, and a 5/8-cubic-yard bucket.

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2018/09/16 · List of equipment used in opencast coal mining are: 1. Bulldozer 2. Craper 3. Ripper 4. Tractor Shovel 5. Dipper Shovel 6. Stripper Shovel 7. Pull Shovel or Hoe 8. Dumpers or Tippers 9. Drag Line 10. Road Grader 11.

Draglines Restored

Draglines! Dragline Excavators are expensive. Big draglines Excavators are even more so expensive. Draglines, big and small, have been around since John W. Page invented one in 1904. The earlier draglines were small and used mostly to dig ditches and canals with some being used as dredging in fresh and salt water.

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Nov 30, 2016 · Despite their limitations, and their extremely high capital cost, draglines remain popular with many mines, due to their reliability, and extremely low waste removal cost. Examples:-The coal mining dragline known as Big Muskie, owned by the Central Ohio Coal Company (a division of American Electric Power), was the world's largest mobile earth

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A dragline excavator is a piece of heavy equipment used in civil engineering and surface mining. Draglines fall into two broad categories: those that are based on standard, lifting cranes and the heavy units which have to be built on-site. Most crawler cranes with an added winch drum on the front can act as a dragline. For example, this video