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18/09/2019 · Full disclosure: I work for MPE, a company that makes tubular drag conveyors. Just so it doesn’t sound like I’m writing this to plug my own company’s product, I’ll also mention competitors like Luxme, Schrage, Spiroflow, Cablevey, and Hapman who a

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Tubular drag conveyors by Chain-Vey are completely configurable to your existing setup. Configurations can include with multiple inlets and discharges, optimized puck design, and many other options to make sure it's the right conveyor for you. Ability to convey both horizontally and vertically in a single conveyor

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01/02/2021 · Tubular drag conveyors work identically to the en-masse conveyor but are made to address omni-directional inputs and outputs. The drag chain is single-stranded and has evenly spaced disks which are functionally the same to flights, and this assembly is housed within a tubular housing.

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22/08/2016 · Luxme tubular chain conveyors are capable of transporting a great variety of bulk materials including food, pharmaceutical, agricultural, construction, indus

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FLEXI-DISC ® Tubular Cable Conveyors (also known as Disc Conveyors and Drag Conveyors) gently slide bulk materials through smooth stainless steel tubing using low-friction polymer discs attached to stainless steel cable. The discs and cable are driven by a wheel at one end of the circuit, and put under tension by a wheel at the other end.

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Products/Services for Tubular Drag Chain Conveyors Conveyor Chain - (176 companies) Conveyor chain is used for material conveyance under harsh conditions, in specialty applications, or when material can be allowed to fall through gaps in the conveying surface.

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Tubular Drag Conveyor Options Hapman’s custom-built tubular drag conveying systems move some of the toughest products up to hundreds of feet: from hardened steel shot to bacon grease waste, from fishmeal and bones to explosive materials.



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Dynaflow Drag Chain Conveyors For ultra-heavy-duty conveying within a structural pipe. Dynaflow tubular drag chain conveyors operate within the confines of a pipe. Ultra-heavy-duty conveyor option. Low energy consumption and totally enclosed for dust and contamination-free handling.

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Fig. 8 Three tubular chain drag units, in an outdoor setting, are shown receiving material to the top of a storage silo. The conveyor not only contains the product and its dust but at the same time it protects the material from contamination from the elements. Fig. 9 Two tubular chain drag conveyors (in blue) traveling in

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Tubular Chain Cooler Conveyors are the best way to cool down your product as it moves through your conveying system. If you need to cool down materials from temperatures as high as 700◦F to more manageable temperatures for processing or storing, our Tubular Drag Chain Cooler Conveyor is the best option for you.

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Spiroflow's Chainflow tubular chain drag conveyor is the newest mechanical conveying option in our extensive line of mechanical conveyors designed for the dry bulk solids and powder processing industry. The hygienic, heavy duty, totally enclosed, dust-free Chainflow tubular chain drag conveyor economically conveys dry, hot (up

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Manufacturer of tubular drag or vibrating conveyors available with chains. Conveyors ranging in sizes from 3 in. to 12 in. dia. are available with carbon steel or stainless steel chains. Bulk materials are conveyed between flights, for distances of up to 85 ft. vertically & up to 200 ft. horizontally at various angles.

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The Tubular Drag Chain Conveyor offers significant advantages over cable in key cost of ownership evaluation criteria such as; conveyor size and capacity ranges, start/stop under load; a crucial asset for batch processors, low energy consumption, ease of maintenance, and longevity of service.

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A tubular drag conveyor gets its name from the tubular housing that encloses a continuous chain. A drive sprocket inside a drive assembly engages the chain at the turn located at the conveying leg's end, and circular discs called flights are attached to the chain at regular intervals.

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Components: The tubular drag chain conveyor consists of a tubular housing enclosing a continuous chain mounted with solid circular discs (or flights), often called a chain-and- disc assembly, The housing can include straight and curved sections constructed of carbon steel or stainless steel pipe with a typical nominal diameter of 2 to 12 inches

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The tubular drag chain conveyor isn't suitable for handling a material containing rocks larger than 1.5 inches in a vertical conveying arrangement or in a configuration with multiple turns. More about the components Chain- The chain can be constructed of carbon steel or stainless steel.

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Heavy Duty Chain Conveyors. When handling many heavy loads and/or in harsher environments IK manufactures heavy duty drag chain conveyors using 81X, 81XH, or 81XHH chain on either a formed or tubular steel frame. The chain pitch is 2.609" and side plates range in thicknesses from .155" to .310".

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China Tubular Drag Conveyor catalog of Boyang Environmental Tube Chain Conveyor Systems for Cement/Coal/Chemical Powder, Boyang Large Conveying Bucket Animal Feed Tubular Chain Conveyor provided by China manufacturer - Anqiu Boyang Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd., page5.

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One conveyor does the work of many. Configure the tubular drag to convey product vertically, horizontally, at any angle and around corners. Inlets and outlets can be confi\gured where needed.

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The Tubular Drag Chain Conveyor is an assembly consisting of a tubular casing through which a link- chain with circular conveying discs travel. The pockets formed by the spaces between the discs are reserved for the conveyed product, which is gently carried through the pipes to the discharge point.

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Tubular conveyors come in varying disc diameters for varying capacities. You can figure out which tubular conveyor is right for you using a function of your product's bulk density and your desired rate of conveyance. Let's say you want to convey 50,000 lb/hr of cornmeal which has a bulk density of 40 lb/ft3.

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Tube chain conveyor, also called drag conveyor, is continuous conveying equipment conveying powder, granular, and other small lump bulk materials, which can horizontal, inclined and vertical combination delivery. Description In a sealed pipe, the chain is driven by a belt of animal material along the pipeline.

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Arrowcon® Tubular drag conveyors are also known as Chain type Pipe conveyors and are designed to move materials in a safe, clean and efficient manner. Our tube conveyors / pipe conveyors perform superb in movement of granular materials, food or others in an enclosed dust-free, clean and contamination-free way.

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The Tubular Drag Conveyor’s totally enclosed, dust-tight design makes it an obvious candidate for handling and containing dusty, smelly, toxic, or even hazardous materials.